Top of the World at the North Pole

Wildlife & Scenic Views Cards

~North Pole - Spitsbergen~

Note Cards are approximately 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", blank inside, includes envelope. These note cards are photos of wildlife and scenic views taken on and around Spitsbergen Island in the North Pole. Wildlife is identified on the back of each card. These cards are sold individually in any number you would like to order. E-mail Me
Cost is $1.00 per Card from either Design plus $5.00 or less (calculated on your zip code) for shipping up to 20 cards and envelopes within the USA. Contact me for exact postal cost on larger orders, no handling charges. Clear Top Box with stretch gold ribbon available $1.40.

Overseas orders welcome

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**Low resolution Internet image may not reflect clear, crisp quality of printed cards or photos**


~Note Cards Included In This Design~



NPW01 Polar Bear
NPW02 Polar Bear



NPW03 Common Eiders
NPW04 Common Eiders



NPW05 Reindeer
NPW06 Reindeer



NPW07 Atlantic Puffin
NPW08 Brunnichs Guillmot



NPW09 Black Guillemot
NPW10 Phalarope



NPW11 Jaeger
NPW12 Barnacle Geese In Flight



NPW13 Arctic Fox With Partially Shed Coat
NPW14 Glaucous Gulls



NPW15 Harbour Seal
NPW16 Ring Seal



NPW17 Atlantic Walrus
NPW18 Scenic View



NPW19 Scenic View
NPW20 Scenic View
~Note Cards Included In The Polar Bear Design~



NPB01 Polar Bear (Snow on nose)
NPB02 Polar Bear



NPB03 Polar Bear
NPB04 Polar Bear



NPB05 Polar Bear
NPB06 Polar Bear



NPB07 Polar Bear
NPB08 Polar Bear



NPB09 Polar Bear
NPB10 Polar Bear