~Note Card Set With Wild Animals~

Note Cards are approximately 5 1/2" x 4 1/4", blank inside, includes envelope. These note cards are a collection of favorite wild animal photos taken around the world. Location where the photo was taken is on the back of the card. This set includes 10 cards. You may choose 1 of each or any combination you would like. Want to create your own set of 10 note cards from the Animal Photo Gallery? E-mail me your choices. E-mail Me
Cost is $10.00 per set of 10 Note Cards plus $5.00 or less (calculated on your zip code) for shipping up to 2 sets within the USA. Contact me for exact postal cost on larger orders, no handling charges. Clear Top Box with stretch gold ribbon available $1.40.

Overseas orders welcome

 E-mail Me.

**Low resolution Internet image may not reflect clear, crisp quality of printed cards or photos**


~Note Cards Included In This Set~



NCWA01 Blue Foot Boobie ~ Galapagos
NCWA02 Hippo Pool~ Tanzania Africa



NCWA03 Giraffe~ Tanzania Africa
NCWA04 Black Mane Lion~ Tanzania Africa



NCWA05 Leopard~ Tanzania Africa
NCWA06 Elephant~ Tanzania Africa



NCWA07 Cheetah~ Tanzania Africa
NCWA08 Gentoo Penguin~ Antarctica



NCWA09 Zebra~ Tanzania Africa
NCWA10 Impala~ Tanzania Africa
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