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Deception Island is so-named because it appears to be a normal island at first glance. It is however a flooded volcano, approximately 8 miles in diameter, shaped like a doughnut with a bite out of its side. The bite is called Neptunes Bellows, the entrance to a hidden central harbor. The volcano is still active with eruptions in 1967 and 1970. Whaler's Bay was the site of the shore-based Hektor Whaling station between 1910 and 1931, later the ruins of a British whaling station caused by a mud and debris flow in 1968 are strewn on the beach. Neptune's Window overlooks the Bransfield Strait. This was the exact location where American Sealer Nathaniel Palmer first spotted the Antarctica Peninsula in 1821.


Deception Island



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TF 038
Explorer II sits in the middle of a volcanic crater
Neptune's Bellows- hidden entrance



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TF 040
Climbing up to Neptune's Window
Sunrise through Neptune's Window



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TF 042
View through Neptune's Window
Cape Petrals nesting area



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TF 044
Cape Petrals resting on the beach
Ruins of the whaling station



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TF 046
Tanks to hold oil made from whale blubber
Boats used to bring fresh water to ships



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TF 048
Whale Bone
Whale Bone



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TF 050
Beaches strewn with large whale bone remains
Fur seals snooze while the cameras click



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TF 052
Don't know why you are looking and don't care!
"Go away-I'm napping here"


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