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Half Moon Island is a 1.25-mile long, crescent shaped island lying in the curve of Half Moon Bay on the east side of Livingston Island and was known to sealers as early as 1821. There is a colony of Chinstrap penguins here as well as a few Gentoo. There were a group of Antarctic fur seals hauled out on the beach. This is our first Penguin encounter. We now know why we wear "boots".
Half Moon Island~continued
TF 065
TF 066
Chinstrap Penguin
Chinstrap Penguins in a dance of sorts
TF 067
TF 068
Gentoo Penguin with its bright orange beak
Gentoo Penguin
TF 069
TF 070
Penguin Skeleton
Fur Seal
TF 071
Fur Seal


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