~Travel Friends & Friends 15~

This was the furthest this ship and Captain had ever been. The ice flow was broken up to the point the Captain decided to attempt a crossing of the 66 degree parallel- The Antarctica Circle. Ruins of a 1957 British base were scattered about. The bay was choked with ice and we saw a large iceberg flip over. We were greeted for our celebration by a Weddell Seal and a small colony of Adelie Penguins. The Adelies have solid black heads with small white circles around their eyes.
Prospect Point
TF 148
TF 149
Explorer II in the bay by Pleneau Island
Prospect Point
TF 150
TF 151
Iceberg-"pinking shear" cut
Bay filled with ice (the ship hit a lot of it)
TF 152
TF 153
Brian in front of a iceberg
TF 154
TF 155
Adelie Penguin (didn't realize the seal was there)
Adelie Penguin
TF 156
TF 157
Adelie Penguin
Adelie Penguin (the seal is coming up behind)
TF 158
TF 159
Weddell Seal
Weddell Seal (Actually moves pretty fast)
TF 160
TF 161
Weddell Seal
Weddell Seal


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