A strong wind was blowing sheets of snow, and the sea was full of whitecaps but we loaded the Zodiacs and experienced what the explorers of years ago must have felt. That would be wet and cold! A roller coaster ride in the bay between Boothe Island and Pleneau Island. Didn't hear the story of a Leopard seal puncturing 2 of the Zodiacs the previous trip until I was at the airport.



TF 162
TF 163
Our Zodiacs held 10 people
Weddell Seal
TF 164
TF 165
Gentoo Penguins
Penguin "Trail" in the snow
TF 166
TF 167
Gentoo colony on the rocks
Minerals- the geologist would be pleased I saw this!
TF 168
TF 169
Humpback whale and her calf
Humpback whale displaying her flippers


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