Port Lockroy, is a former British base that now houses a museum which is completely surrounded by nesting Gentoo Penguins. The museum displays the stations history dating back to its use in Operation Tabarin during World War II. The original station hut, Bransfield House was constructed in 1944-the oldest British structure remaining on the Antarctica Peninsula. This base is staffed by 3 people during the summer. This was the first and only "Shopping Op" on the trip--T-shirts $50!! And yes-MORE PENGUINS!!


Port Lockroy

TF 170
TF 171
Explorer II at Port Lockroy
Port Lockroy on a tiny little island
TF 172
TF 173
Port Lockroy Housing and Museum
Bransfield House-original hut
TF 174
TF 175
Gentoo colony and a huge whale bone
Is this "Hello" or "Go away"?
TF 176
TF 177
Gentoo Penguin chicks
Gentoo Penguin chicks


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