Cuverville Island is dome-shaped and one of the few places in Antarctica with growths of lichen and moss. This was the only day on our entire expedition that we had sun instead of snow. The surrounding glaciers glistened and everything seemed brighter and fresher (except for the thick guano on the ground). The 5000 breeding pairs of penguins were exceptionally friendly here, lots of noise and friendly arguing amongst the chicks. There was a leopard seal patrolling the water so few moms went after food for their chicks. This would be our last island before heading home.
TF 189
TF 190
Explorer II in the bay
Sunrise on Cuverville Island
TF 191
TF 192
Sunrise on Cuverville Island
Cuverville Island
TF 193
TF 194
Cuverville Island
TF 195
TF 196
Cuverville Island
TF 197
TF 198
Bay filled with icebergs
TF 199
TF 200
Moss and Lichen on the rocks
South Polar Skuas


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