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Halifax was founded in 1749 by Governor Edward Cornwallis and 2500 settlers to act as a naval and army base to protect them from the French, creating Canada's first permanent town of the world's second largest permanent natural harbor. The French-speaking people living here, known as Acadians, had a mix of Scottish, Irish and Portuguese culture. The land surrounding the harbor is hilly, which gives the ships protection from the storms. The harbor's water is deep and never freezes over. In 1917 Halifax experienced a terrible disaster when two ammunition ships waiting to cross the Atlantic collided in the harbor and caused the largest man-made explosion the world had know up to this time. The explosion killed over 2,000 people and caused $28 million in damages. Today Halifax's port is one of the busiest in Canada. Fish, lumber and agriculture are some of the most widely exported goods from Halifax Harbor, along with ship building. The city is kept very clean and the people are warm and friendly.

Halifax, Nova Scotia
This trip took us from Halifax, to Lunenberg, Peggy's Cove, Prince Edward Island, which included the famous Anne of Green Gables location, then back to Digby, Nova Scotia. We had beautiful, fall like weather and met lots of great people on our tour. You may be on "flower" overload by the time you visit all of the pages but there were flowers everywhere. For our "Traveling Friends" I hope this brings back some great memories.
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Public Garden
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Flower in the Public Garden
Flower in the Public Garden
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Dahlia in the Public Garden
Pigeon in the Public Garden
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Pigeon in the Public Garden
Pigeon in the Public Garden
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Concert Area in the Public Garden
Hibiscus in the Public Garden
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Hibiscus in the Public Garden
Hibiscus in the Public Garden
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