Prince Edward Island was originally inhabited by the Mi'kmaq people. Then inhabited by 1000 of the French colony of Acadia, however many more fled there from Nova Scotia during the British-ordered expulsion of the Acadians in 1755. In 1864 Prince Edward Island hosted the Charlottetown Conference which was the first meeting in the process leading to the Articles of Confederation and the creation of Canada in 1867. As a result of having hosted the meeting, Prince Edward Island presents itself as the "Birthplace of Confederation" with many buildings, ships and bridges using that name. It has over 500 miles of beaches, fiery red soil and green fields. It is also the setting of the famous "Anne of Green Gables" novels.


Prince Edward Island ~ a.k.a "PEI"

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Inn at St. Peter's for lunch
Inn garden flower
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Inn garden flower
Inn garden flower
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Fountain honoring, police, peaceofficers, firemen
Church Steeple
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Flowers in town
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Brian has a "Cow Ice Cream Card"


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