Fort Anne is the oldest national historic site in Canada, designated in 1917. The 1702 earthworks are the earliest Canadian example of a Bauban-style fort. This was the most attacked site in Canadian history. Over 3000 years ago the Mi'kmaq used the site as a stopping place in their voyages. In the 1600s and 1700s, the site was the center of early European colonization.


Nova Scotia ~ Annapolis Royal ~ Fort Anne

TFC 172
TFC 173
Officers Quarters
Foot Bridge
TFC 174
TFC 175
Powder Magazine Storage House
TFC 176
TFC 177
Building dated 1708
Rock Wall Construction
TFC 178
TFC 179
"Black Hole"
TFC 180
TFC 181
Rock wall
View of Bay
TFC 182
TFC 183
De Mons Monument
Mountain Ash Berries
TFC 184
TFC 185
Wildflower at the Fort
Wildflower at the Fort


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