~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 4~

TF 036
TF 037
Yitzhek Rabin as a child
Yitzhek Rubin with his father
TF 038
TF 039
Memorial photo
Prime Minister of Defense Newspaper photos
TF 040
TF 041
Murdered 4-11-95 Where he fell
Murdered for the struggle for peace
TF 042
TF 043
Kitty by the Mediterranean Sea
Flower blossom by the sea
TF 044
TF 045
Sandy (Yes there finally is a picture of me!)
TF 046
TF 047
Caesarea transformed by Herod into a city and major seaport dedicated to Roman Emperor Caesar Agustus
TF 048
TF 049
Palace ruins
Bath House
TF 050
TF 051
Plant growing in the cracks
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