~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 11~

TF 132
TF 133
Ruin's of St. Peter's House under Byzantine Church
Ruins Foundation of Peter's House
TF 134
TF 135
Pottery in the ruins
Ruins Peter's House



TF 136
TF 137
Remains of original mosaic tile
Carvings from Byzantine Church built over ruins



TF 138
TF 139
Statue in the Garden
Insulting Muslim sign erected for the Pope's visit



TF 140
TF 141
Church of the Annunciation
Gabriel told Mary she was pregnant with Jesus



TF 142
TF 143
Bronze work in the sanctuary
Pope Paul VI & Patriarch Atenagoris I Jan. 5, 1964




TF 144
TF 145
Inside Sanctuary



TF 146
TF 147
Stain Glass in the Sanctuary
Metal Wall Sculpture



TF 148
TF 149
Roses in the Garden


TF 150
TF 151
Petunias in the Garden
Red Blossoms in the Garden
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