~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 19~




TF 228
TF 229
Western Wall Plaza
Lower Wall Blocks From Herod's Period
TF 230
TF 231
Prayers in the Wailing Wall
Praying at the Wall
TF 232
TF 233
Praying at the Wailing Wall
Debbie Praying at the Wall
TF 234
TF 235
Brian Placing His Prayer in the Wall
Sandy Placing Her Prayer in the Wall
TF 236
TF 237
Sandy Praying at the Western Wailing Wall
Orthodox Jewish Man and "cell phone"
TF 238
TF 239
Orthodox Jewish Man
Men's Side of the Wailing Wall
TF 240
TF 241
Prayer Shawl
Faithful Jewish Man 2nd Day Same Place


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