~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 25~

Masada was built by King Herod between 31 and 36 BC. The fortress was not only a mighty stronghold but a magnificent city with huge storage houses and bathhouses. Over 900 Jewish Zealot families fled here rather than submit to Roman rule during the First Jewish-Roman War in the 1st Century AD. Although Herod knew they would be conquered some day he insisted on having a large store of supplies so no one would think they had starved, but had been murdered fighting the fight.



TF 300
TF 301
Looking Up At Masda
Top of Masada
TF 302
TF 303
Ram System at the Top
TF 304
TF 305
Tram Car
Tram Mechanics
TF 306
TF 307
Walkway to Top From Tram
Rock Formations
TF 308
TF 309
Pigeon Hanging Out on the Way Up
Looking Back Down at the Tram Station
TF 310
TF 311
Plant Growing in the Rocks


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