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The 2,000 year old city of Petra, which the ancient Nabataeans carved out of the amazing colored sandstone cliffs. Almost forgotten over a 1,00 years and protected by the cliff of Edom, Petra is one of the best preserved biblical sites in the World. You walk down a narrow, high walled canyon called the Siq...ahead there is a small crack of space between the canyon walls and the huge, carved Treasury appears. Just when you think you have seen everything there is more. We walked down the canyon entrance, then came part way back up on camels then a horse cart. The "Pink City of Petra" has recently been named one of the "New Seven Wonders of the World".


Jordan~Pink City of Petra

TF 531
TF 532
Tombs Outside of Siq Entrance
TF 533
TF 534
Surrounding Rock Formations
TF 535
TF 536
Worship Block
TF 537
TF 538
Multiple People Buried in Each Tomb
TF 539
TF 540
Remains Are Placed in the Top of the Tomb and a Lower Room is Used for the Burial Dinner


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