~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 52~

Jordan~Pink City of Petra



TF 623
TF 624
Goat Herd
Bedouin Woman Herding the Goats


TF 625
TF 626
"Sweet Face"
Ruins of Residence Petra People



TF 627
TF 628
Ruins of the Original Road
Wall of the Original Residences



TF 629
TF 630
Local Bird Species Unknown



TF 631
TF 632
Bedouin Children Come to Sell Things Instead of Going to School Even Though It Is Provided For Them



TF 633
TF 634
Carved Stone Container



TF 635
TF 636
Ruins Where the Businesses Would Have Been
Store Fronts



TF 637
TF 638
Temple Palace of the Virgin 1st Century AD- Last Building Standing as They Used Wood Breaks to Support It



TF 639
TF 640



TF 641
TF 642
Brian on His Camel Ride Back Up the Siq


TF 643
Only another Mother Could Love This Face! I know I do!


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