Lunenberg is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is closely tied to maritime pursuits such as fishing, shipbuilding and privateering. Many of the trades the original farmers learned in order to become fishermen show up in their home construction and using blacksmith skills in building ships. The 19th century houses are usually timber built and colorfully painted. There are several memorials to fallen soldiers as well as fishermen. A replica of the famous sailing ship "The Blue Nose II is anchored in the Bay.
TFC 035
TFC 036
Mahona Bay
Aster along the water
TFC 037
TFC 038
Queen Anne's Lace along water
Black Eyed Susan's at the Academy
TFC 039
TFC 040
Academy current school for children
TFC 041
TFC 042
House with "Wedding Cake" facade
Original stone foundation
TFC 043
TFC 044
Zion Evangelical Church 1772
St. John Anglican Church
TFC 045
TFC 046
Stain glass in St. John Anglican Church
6 Foot Cod on a steeple top
TFC 047
TFC 048
War Memorial
Man with his steer--Don't know why!
TFC 049
"Evil eye"


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