This was our first step on the actual Antarctic continent. The Argentines have a base here called the Argentine Almirante Brown Station. There is a colony of Gentoo penguins here, easily recognized by their bright orange beaks. The birds were in the middle of a 3-4 week molt of all their feathers. On the cliffs were nests for a colony of Blue-eyed Shags. The icebergs were a beautiful color of blue. I can't believe how many Penguin pictures I took!
Paradise Bay
TF 072
TF 073
Putting "Zodic" in the water
Paradise Bay
TF 074
TF 075
Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay
TF 076
TF 077
Iceberg in Paradise Bay
Argentine Almirante Brown Station
TF 078
TF 079
Climb up from the Station
"Explorer II" in Paradise Bay
TF 080
TF 081
Our "Transportation" a Zodiac
Green Snow Algae
TF 082
TF 083
Red Snow Algae
Copper Stains in the Rock


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