~Travel Friends Israel & Jordan 13~

Israel~AKKO Continued
TF 141
TF 142
Ahmed al-Jezzar Pasha Mosque
Women's Section in the Mosque
TF 143
TF 144
Front of the Mosque
Top of the Mosque
TF 145
TF 146
Marble Floor of the Mosque
Rose in the Courtyard
TF 147
TF 148
Rose in the Courtyard
Hibiscus in the Courtyard
TF 149
TF 150
Hibiscus in the Courtyard
Lavender Blossom in the Courtyard
TF 151
TF 152
White Blossom in the Courtyard
Version of a "Hotel" Courtyard
TF 153
TF 154
Version of a "Hotel"Courtyard
Men Gathered to Play Cards
TF 155
TF 156
Weaving a Fish Net in the Market Place
Spices in the Market Place
TF 157
TF 158
Ruins of an Old Building by the Mediterranean Sea


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